about my family

The Kloeti’s

I have a beautiful family that makes me proud every day.  My husband Rob is a wonderful handyman and loving supporter, has a full time job protecting and serving our community as an investigator for Lee County.   My beautiful daughter Kristine, going on 27, is an extremely talented young lady who is now working as a social worker helping the mentally ill. She is married a wonderful young man who I am proud to call son.  Christian is also in Law enforcement and serves to protect our community.  My son Trace, 16, who is full of love and energy and is in the 11th grade.  My loving sister is also a wonderful supporter, and last but not least, my mom and dad who we as a family could not have done this without.  They have been great supporters and have helped me get my wings.

About me and how I got started


As a child I grew up on a farm in rural Alabama. I can remember sitting in my mom’s sewing room making Barbie doll clothes out of scraps from projects she would be working with. Both of my grandmothers sewed and two of my great grandmothers sewed. I come from a long line of fabric lovers. When I was in the fourth grade, I was introduced to 4-H. I began sewing in the local competitions and went on to do that until I graduated high school. I sewed bags and purses while I was in college and put sewing down for a few years. I got a request from my daughter to make a t-shirt quilt for her after my mother in law had made one for her. She of course had more shirts than would fit in one quilt. SO, I started the process not really knowing where I was going. Boy was that a learning experience. Needless to say she loved the quilt and still uses it! While at the lake, rocking my son for his nap, I had my foot on the edge of the bed, when I realized my foot was on a quilt. Not just any quilt but an old one. After removing my foot from it I started looking at it, studying how it was put together. One of my great grandmothers had hand pieced and quilted it. I then became curious what the pattern was. That was when I started digging in to try and find out. Looking up quilts in the Auburn area lead me to my quilt guild, Cotton Boll Quilt Guild, where I visited to describe the quilt. Still trying to find the answer I drove back to the lake before attending the first meeting to get the quilt to show. I have some suggestions of what it could be so I went to the library. I checked out many books and finally found a block that looked almost the same, maybe theirs was modified, maybe my great grandmother’s was modified. That is the closest I have come to knowing what it was. One member graciously offered to come to my home and help me come up with a pattern. She came and gave me a lesson on hand piecing and talked to me about how to recreate this quilt. At the time I had no clue what she was talking about, even though I asked a lot of questions I still didn’t know enough about quilting to understand. I still appreciate her reaching out to me that kindly. I soon joined the guild in October of 2009 and have been piecing ever since. I mostly machine piece but I take hand work everywhere I go. In 2010 my husband bought me an embroidery machine which I still use and have used in quilts. I love to create and love to have things come together. I find that piecing and quilting satisfy that need. I see patterns I love and start on them and when I am done I adore seeing the quilt come together. I hope you will give me the opportunity to help your masterpiece come alive so you can have the satisfaction of your finished quilts. BUTTER BEAN QUILTING WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2012 and is Licensed in the City of AUBURN, and State of ALABAMA.  We are also a Proud Member of the Auburn Chamber of Commerce.